Friday, August 19, 2011

A "TOMA" moment.....

Imagine you get a flat and the tire is fawked, and you don't know about this...

The Chevrolet Cruze has made headlines for its above-average fuel economy, especially for its fuel-sipping Eco model. But GM, Chevrolet’s parent company, has announced that to make the Cruze Eco even more fuel efficient it must dropped pounds wherever possible. One thing to go was the Cruze’s spare tire. According to a GM press release, the 2011 Cruze Eco will not come standard with a traditional compact spare tire and wheel. Instead, Chevrolet will replace the spare tire, wheel and jack with an on-board tire inflator kit, which the automaker says will be able to re-pressurize tires and inject a sealant to close up any puncture holes.

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